Add some crunch with dirtbox 3

dirtbox 3 is the first non freeware version of the plug in
dirtbox 3 is the first non-freeware version of the plug-in.

As its name succinctly implies, dirtbox 3 is the third version of de la Mancha´s dirtbox plug-in. This features compression, distortion and modulation processing and runs a Windows VST effect.

Unlike its predecessors, dirtbox 3 isn´t free - a $15 charge has now been imposed - but this disappointment should be offset by the fact that the revised version features a number of improvements. There´s completely new parallel compressor, for example, plus enhanced bit crushing and sample rate reduction control.

Other additional features include better ring modulation, a 4-way XY pad, two tempo-synced LFOs and 50 presets that promise to run the gamut from “subtle to painful”.

dirtbox 3 is available now. You can sample what it has to offer via the demo and audio examples that you´ll find on the de la Mancha website.