See Tears For Fears in fine form playing classics and new material for live session

We recently spoke to Roland Orzabal about the triumphant new Tears For Fears album The Tipping Point, a testament that his and Curt Smith's chemistry is still very much in evidence. And that's very much showcased in their recent live session for Sirius XM too, featuring a full-band on three songs – including their timeless classics Mad World and Everybody Wants To Rule The World. And they sound great. 

The line-up includes Puscifier member and solo artist Carina Round on backing vocals with Smith picking up a Duesenberg bass for the title track of the new record. 

And contrary to him telling us he's an ES-330 man now, Orzabal still brings his old red Strat out for the pair of classics. And he's using a Kemper Profiler, too. 

But anything but a Strat on Everybody Wants To Rule The World wouldn't be right, right?

Tears for Fears' Roland Orzabal: “My favourite guitarists are probably David Byrne and Paul Weller. I love anyone who can hit an open chord and make it sing”

Rob Laing
Guitars Editor, MusicRadar

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