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TC Electronic summons the Magus Pro – a super-affordable option for high-gain magic

TC Electronic has unveiled the Pro Magus distortion pedal. Boasting a trio of clipping modes and a circuit that replicates the much-coveted LM308 op-amp, it is a versatile and affordable stompbox for any player looking to for a high-gain option in their signal chain.

The Magus Pro's enclosure features controls for Gain, Filter and Volume, with a three-way toggle selector switch for choosing between FAT, Classic and Turbo clipping styles. While Gain and Volume controls are self-explanatory, the Filter control is a hi-cut that allows you to stop the treble from running away with itself.

But the real magic is going on under the hood. An all-analogue circuit, the Magus Pro is voiced for warm distorted tones, and it uses slow slew circuitry – try saying that after last orders – to mimic the LM308 op-amp's performance, mellowing out some of the harsh harmonic overtones and grit, giving you a smoother breakup.

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TC Electronic Magus Pro

(Image credit: TC Electronic)
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TC Electronic Magus Pro

(Image credit: TC Electronic)

Of course, whenever we hear mention of a Motorola LM308 op-amp we think about the Pro Co Rat, and while that can be a gnarly beast indeed, it is hugely versatile, and cleans up nicely for more mellow styles. With the three clipping modes, the hi-cut, and its slow slew circuitry, the Magus promises to be similarly versatile.

Top-mounted jacks will make it a respectful addition to your pedalboard, and the £45 / $59 asking price is very respectful to your bank balance.

The Magus Pro takes 9V DC power and draws 40mA. See TC Electronic for more details.