Check out demos of TC Electronic's time-bending Infinite Sample Sustainer pedal

Fans of the Electro-Harmonix Freeze and Gamechanger Audio Plus pedals, or simply anyone who likes the idea of taking sustain to new realms, are going to want to check this out; TC Electronic's Infinite Sample Sustainer pedal delivers on its name from the sounds showcased in these demos. 

This pedal goes much further than an impressive one-trick pony. There's seven effect types here, including the Hall Of Fame's acclaimed reverb algorithm and a modulation block, shaped by fade in, decay and level controls. There's also Latching and Momentary modes too.

TC Electronic

(Image credit: TC Electronic )

The Infinite Sample Sustainer even has a built-in effects loop for enhanced connectivity options on your pedalboard so you can enjoy all manner of lush swelling goodness.   

You'll also be able to upload up to three TonePrints to the pedal from TC Electronic's ever-growing collection.

 “I am very excited about our first sustainer pedal ever, which opens creative spaces ready for exploration and experimentation," says Paul Robert Scott, TC Electronic Product Manager. 

“Imagine the sounds you could create if you had infinite time on your hands,” he mused. “Well, we can’t give you infinite time, unfortunately, but we’re very happy to offer endless amounts of sustained layers right at the tips of your toes."

The Infinite Sample Sustainer is released at the end of February and available to preorder now for $149 / £149. More info at TC Electronic

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