TC Electronic adds two classic TonePrint pedals to the Plethora X5's effects line up with new Firmware 1.2 update

TC Electronic Plethora X5
(Image credit: TC Electronic)

TC Electronic has released a comprehensive new firmware update for its flagship guitar multi-effects processor, the Plethora X5. The update is free and available now direct from TC Electronic.

The Firmware 1.2 update includes two new TonePrint pedals – the Helix Phaser and Viscous Vibe – a Tape Deck Looper, 9 new cabinet simulations plus a number of features to make the unit even more functional – with Hot Knobz, expanded MIDI CC controls, and optional dual footswitch controls that allows you to cycle through your boards quicker.

The pedals are the big deal here, and while they are new to the X5, they will be more than familiar to fans of TC Electronic. The Viscous Vibe now comes with ramp and optional MASH controls so you can adjust it on the fly as you play, leaving you well-equipped for Robin Trower and Jimi Hendrix tones.

The Helix Phaser, meanwhile, is a also firm MusicRadar favourite, featuring three modes, TonePrint custom settings and a very musical Vintage mode that's bang-on for  Phase 90 tones.

The Tape Deck Looper, meanwhile, is a RAM-based looper that allows you to record  and playback up to 80 seconds in mono and 40 seconds in stereo. You can load this to function across your, setting up multiple loopers, and place them anywhere in your signal chain. 

The expanded MIDI controls increase your options for controlling the X5 with an external device. In the global settings menu you'll find assignable MIDI channels and CC mapping chart.

The Hot Knobz feature allows you to assign the three black knobs to control any effects parameters on the board simultaneously, with real-time tweaking available in play mode.

Elsewhere, there are the usual bug fixes and tweaks. Own a Plethora X5? Head here and get the update.

Jonathan Horsley

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