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We’re only in the first quarter of 2019, and several cutting-edge virtual instruments have arrived, ranging from brand new wavetable weapons and modular environments to modern FM beasts and sequencer-powered tools.

So to celebrate 2019’s new breed of powersynths and unlock their full potential, we’ll take you through sound design techniques specific to each. 

In this issue’s huge cover feature, we’ll show you how to:

  • Get to grips with Synapse Audio Dune 3’s new Wavetable Editor
  • Simplify FM synthesis with Waves Flow Motion
  • Emulate VA synthesis with Audiaire Zone
  • Grasp Nektar Bolt’s unique “Harmonics Synthesis” engine
  • Unlock the power of Arturia Pigments
  • Discover Kilohearts Phase Plant’s modular power
  • Get patching with Cherry Audio Voltage Modular
  • Craft a lead synth sound for free with AudioKit Synth One for iOS
  • Delve into granular synthesis with Audio Damage Quanta
  • And more!

Watch one of the videos from the feature below, and get the rest only with CM268.


FREE VST/AU Modular Synth: Fathom CM

This issue’s free cm Plugin is Fathom CM, a monster virtual instrument created by indie developers Seaweed Audio.

This powerful modular polysynth is capable of virtual analogue, FM/AM, wavetable, additive and other synthesis types. 30 filter types are available, plus tons of effects and customisable modulators, too.

Get the plugin in VST and AU formats for PC and Mac with Computer Music issue 268, and watch the video below to hear Fathom CM in action. 



Known for creating tough-edged DnB under his Spor alias, and more recently finding fame with his electro/EDM moniker Feed Me, Jon Gooch has been making premium-quality dance music since 2004.

This February saw the long-awaited release of Jon’s album High Street Creeps, featuring the subject of this month’s Producer Masterclass: electro-house banger Satanic Panic, created in FL Studio.

Check out the first half of the video below, and access the full video and interview feature with Computer Music issue 268.



This issue’s royalty-free sample packs are…

  • DUSTY FUNK – an exclusive pack of dirty soul licks, crusty hooks, drum breaks and more
  • LOOPMASTERS CM268 – a curated selection of the brand’s latest packs


  • An exclusive interview with US superstar BIG WILD
  • PAD THEORY – theory and programming tricks for perfect pads
  • Discover lesser-known virtual recreations with our UNDER-THE-RADAR CLASSICS feature
  • Music theory expert Dave Clews explores SUSPENDED CHORDS
  • ACM tutor Shea Stedford builds a killer Kontakt multisampled patch from scratch
  • Icelandic producer GusGus reveals his favourite music software
  • 22 reviews of the latest music-making products including Nektar Bolt, Maag Audio Magnum-K, Blue Cat Audio Dynamix 2, Waves CLA MixHub, Eventide Instant Phaser MkII and more


Get this issue now

Print + DVD | | Android | | iOS | | Digital cross-platform

Digital editions include all extra content, now available via FileSilo (see page 5 in the mag)

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