Superbooth 2018: Black Corporation announces the Kijimi 8-voice polysynth


Superbooth 2018: It’s time to start getting excited about this year’s Berlin-based geek-fest and what better place to start than with an exciting announcement from the makers of the Deckard’s Dream.

This time round, Japanese-based Black Corporation has turned its attentions to the re-creation of the rather rare RSF Polykobol.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen the classic 8-voice polysynth re-created, with the likes of XILS-lab already on the case. However, the Kijimi is not just your average clone, but a complete re-imagining of the late ‘70s instrument. 

As the second Instagram post suggests, we will be seeing a prebuilt version as well as a DIY kit. There are no prices as yet, but we’ll be sure to get all the info from the show, so don’t miss it.