Sunnaudio's Nucleus NU-1 is dual boost preamp with two flavours of drive on tap

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The NU-1 Nucleus from Sunnaudio is a two-channel preamp and drive pedal that offers low- and high-gain modes and ample scope shaping your electric guitar or bass tone.

Described as a "Dual Boost Preamp Distortion," the Nucleus has two footswitches – one to engage or bypass the pedal, the other to toggle between Lo-Gain and Hi-Gain modes, with an LED to let you know which channel you have running. The channels share gain and EQ controls.

The compact enclosure is dominated by a large gain dial, which is apt when you consider the Hi-Gain channel has a whopping 60dB of gain to juice your signal, with volume controls for each channel, Tone control for boosting/cutting mids and a Focus control for tweaking sub-harmonics in your bass tone or contouring midrange on electric guitar.

When in Lo-Gain, use the Nucleus as a clean boost or a subtle drive. In Hi-Gain, it'll really heat up, with an abundance of saturated distortion revealing itself as you crank the gain dial.

The Nucleus has an analogue circuit and takes 9V battery or 7.5v-12v volt DC to power it. The harmonic character of the pedal changes depending on which voltage you run it at.

It is priced from $265, with options including coloured footswitch covers.

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(Image credit: Sunnaudio)
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