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Summer NAMM 2018: SoundBrut unleashes its latest fuzzbox, and it's a big FU

SUMMER NAMM 2018: Swedish pedal firm SoundBrut is introducing its all-new FU Varitone Fuzz pedal at Summer NAMM in Nashville this week.

The pedal is a 'modern-voiced' silicon unit, incorporating SoundBrut's custom tone stack.

This essentially boils down to what should be a very versatile pedal, with six mid-cut voicings offering a variety of fuzz tones, ranging from fizzy to buzzy, says the firm. 

SoundBrut also claims that thanks to its inherently simple vintage-inspired fuzz circuit design, the FU cleans up well, provide stacks of gain, sharp attacks and blossoming harmonics.

Key features
• Silicon fuzz with volume, gain and tone control.
• Gain control ranges from sharp drive to well-rounded fuzz sounds.
• Chords maintain clarity, even at high gain settings.
• Specifically tuned 6-way varitone switch for 6 fuzz voicings.
• Input regulation that maintains a tonal stability before or after any other pedal.
• True bypass switching.
• Runs on 9V DC power (no battery operation)

As we write, price and release date are TBC, so keep an eye on for more.