Strymon suggests a close encounter with a new pedal is imminent

If you look very closely.... Nope, nothing. (Image credit: Strymon / Twitter)

Okay, folks, it's pedal speculation time, and once again it is Strymon putting out the teaser on social media and letting us all lose our minds. Remember the log and the axe as the Compadre compressor/boost was unveiled?

The US boutique effects company is nothing if not cryptic, and what it is up to here is anyone's guess, but let's speculate. Just look at the Spielberg/X-Files style of the pic. Then consider the picture below, LEDs arranged in a similar format to the Strymon BigSky reverb or its delay equivalent, the Timeline.

Certainly, this is no retro-inspired fuzz pedal. Right now, all we've got is theories. Perhaps the Mobius multi-modulation pedal would be ripe for a refresh – it is, after all, Strymon's "multidimensional modulation" unit, and it has been kicking around since 2012. 

But then, thematically, the images point towards a reverb or time-based effect. Something... Something kind of Nasa.

(Image credit: Strymon / Twitter)

We've got to say it's tantalizing, but if you can hold out, all will be revealed on Strymon's Facebook Live, on Thursday 17th September at 8am PT (4am, UK time).

Again, this was teased with a night sky, lit up with stars. With this, the LEDs and the size of the enclosure, the only certainly is that it's going to be big on features, presets all over the shop, and it'll be pricey but ultimately you'll be well-rewarded for parting with your hard-earned. 

Jonathan Horsley

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