Stone Deaf launches the limited edition QBoost analogue preamp and tone-shaper

Stone Deaf QBoost
(Image credit: Stone Deaf)

Stone Deaf has unveiled the QBoost, a limited edition boost and preamp pedal with a double-sided circuit that offers vintage and modern voicings, plus an onboard frequency booster that will juice anything between 35hz to 6Khz.

The enclosure and controls looks simple enough. You have two footswitches, one for engaging the pedal, the other for the frequency booster. 

The Pre-Amp control dials in the level of gain boost you want – turn it clockwise and hit your pedals and amp harder – while the Freq Boost control offers a fixed parametric boost that applies a medium Q factor to frequencies between 35hz to 6Khz that allows you to accentuate bass, mids or treble to your liking.

Select between a pristine Modern voicing for a clean boost and a saturated Vintage mode that applies overdrive and fuzz from the start, with more dirt coming the harder you boost your amplifier.

Depending on where you place that Freq Boost, you can get some very gnarly Schenker-esque cocked wah tones. And it looks very much like a deceptively versatile pedal, with a lot of range from a basic set of controls – a bonus in anyone's book.

The QBoost is handmade in Manchester, and can be used for electric guitar or bass. It takes a 9V DC supply and draws a minimum of 65mA. 

Priced £170, it is available now. See Stone Deaf for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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