StiX CM – Get the free drum machine plugin with Computer Music magazine

StiX CM is Computer Music’s exclusive edition of XILS-lab’s superb StiX sequencing drum synth, enabling you to construct and edit drum kits of up to ten Drum Pads, then program beats and grooves with them using its onboard pattern sequencer.

Basic mixing functionality is also provided, as are a trio of send effects and distortion insert effects on all ten channels. It’s a giant professional drum machine, and we couldn’t be more chuffed to add it to the CM Plugins collection!

To get StiX CM for yourself, grab a print or digital copy of Computer Music issue 244. Print readers can install it from the covermounted DVD, while digital readers can get it as a download from our Vault.

We've also got a six-part video course to guide you through the many features of this excellent plugin!


  • AU/VST 64-bit instrument
  • Three-oscillator drum synthesis modules
  • Load preset 'kits' and sequencer grooves
  • Mix between kit elements, and balance, pan and mute channels
  • Tweak effects and dial in analogue/digital distortion for each element
  • Modulate effects from the sequencer
  • Polystep modulation interface to get your grooves bouncing

If you love StiX CM as much as we do, be sure to check out its bigger brother StiX. XILS-lab's commercial version gives you access to more synthesis parameters, deeper modulation and much more. Check out out on the XILS-lab website.

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