Steinberg Cubase 12 arrives with new features, a finessed workflow, simple sign-in and Apple silicon support

When Steinberg teased Cubase 12 last year, one of the things that it was keen to talk up was a new licensing system that enables you to sign into the software using your Steinberg ID, but it turns out that there’s much more to this DAW update than that.

Released today, Steinberg says that Cubase 12 provides “seamless integration and smooth performance,” with multiple new features and workflow enhancements.

The pick of the new ‘integration’ features could be enhanced controller support, with all three versions of Cubase 12 (Pro, Artist and Elements) now capable of automatically detecting certain controllers and providing enhanced mapping options.

On the ‘seamless’ front, meanwhile, we have an updated Chord Track - you can now drag and drop audio events meaning that MIDI chord progressions can be used for audio.

What’s more, the Pro and Artist editions now feature the Scale Assistant in VariAudio, making it easy to make pitch edits and timing corrections, and there’s a new FX modulator that features an array of effect modules and an envelope editor.

Next up, we have the Raiser limiter, a new dynamics processor for Cubase Pro 12, and both Pro and Artist get AudioWarp improvements (the Free Warp tool enables you to make timing corrections for multiple tracks simultaneously within the Project window). All versions promise editing improvements and near sample-accurate volume automation, too.

Steinberg Cubase 12

(Image credit: Steinberg)

Cubase Pro is also getting new Logical Editors and the promise of Dolby Atmos support (coming soon in a maintenance update) plus a few new features that were previously only available in Nuendo (the ability to use two video tracks, for example). Verve, meanwhile, is a new felt piano instrument for Pro and Artist that was recorded at the Yamaha Studios in LA.

As we’ve already mentioned, you can now sign into Cubase with your Steinberg login, so there’s no need for a physical copy-protection device. Version 12 is compatible with Apple silicon-powered computers, too, with the promise of improved processing times for many operations.

Find out more on the Steinberg website. Cubase Pro 12, Cubase Artist 12 and Cubase Elements 12 are available now priced at $580/€579, $330/€329 and $100/€100 respectively. Upgrades, crossgrades and education versions are also available.

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