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Staggering specs for a new hybrid polysynth have emerged and it’s got Axel Hartmann’s name on it

We have received this spec sheet (see below) for a hardware synthesizer, from an anonymous source, with some very impressive specifications and it looks as though the product’s design comes courtesy of synth-legend Axel Hartmann.

Little else is known about this hybrid polysynth, but we must say it certainly has our interest piqued. What we can glean from the list is that 12-voice polyphony and a 4-octave keyboard puts this firmly into the high-end hardware synth bracket.

We’re also liking the sound of a 7-core super-wavetable main oscillator with waveform download and an external audio input, which could lean towards sampling for even more waveform capturing possibilities?

Our initial thoughts were that this could be something from Waldorf, especially when we saw Axel’s name (Waldorf Microwave, Q and Moog Voyager designer) and the FPGA engine (think Waldorf Kyra) listed. However, our source was quick to inform us that the German synth giant is not behind this particular project. 

What is worth noting is that Kyra was originally developed in conjunction with a UK-based company who came up with the Valkyrie. Of course this is all sheer conjecture at this point, but we hope to have more concrete news for you soon.

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