"It's like Splice on crack": Soundful's new AI-powered platform generates beats in the style of Grammy-winning producers and artists

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AI music platform Soundful has launched a new tool that enables its users to generate music that emulates the sound of established artists and producers. Soundful Collabs uses personalized AI models to generate unique beats based on the musical style of a variety of artists working with the platform.

Artists like EDM stalwart Kaskade and Grammy-winning hip-hop producer CB Mix have partnered with Soundful to train its AI-powered software on their songwriting and production styles, providing it with a selection of one-shot samples from their own production libraries alongside data on how they usually approach writing melodies, chord progressions and arrangements. 

This was used to create personalized AI models capable of combining the artist's samples to generate an infinite amount of unique tracks based on their style. After generating tracks in the style of their chosen artist or producer, Soundful users can use these in their social media or YouTube content or even purchase the copyright and distribute the tracks on streaming services. 

Producers and artists involved in training Soundful's AI models will receive 80% of the revenues earned from the collaboration, with Soundful keeping the remaining 20%. Speaking to Billboard, Soundful CEO Diaa El All has positioned the AI-created beats as a new form of merchandise, enabling the artists involved to open up a new revenue stream and connect with their fans in a different way.

Stems can also be downloaded so the user can then rework the material into something of their own. "Though this sounds good out of the box [...] what will make the music a hit is when a person downloads these stems and adds their own human imperfections and style to it," El All continued. "That’s what we are looking to encourage. It’s a jumping off point."

Also speaking to Billboard about his partnership with Soundful, Kaskade described his experience of training the AI model as like "Splice on crack". "This is the next evolution of the Splice sample packs," he said. "You get access to the sounds, but now, you get an AI generator to help you put it all together".

In addition to Kaskade and CB Mix, Soundful has launched AI models in collaboration with Starrah, 3LAU, Autograf and DJ White Shadow.

Soundful Collabs is available to subscribers to Soundful's Premium tier, which is currently available at $29.99 a year.

Find out more on Soundful's website.

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