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Spiral Electric FX unveils “the swiss-army knife of overdrive pedals” with the Yellow Spiral Drive

Spiral Electric FX, the pedal company founded by former DigiTech/DOD mastermind Tom Cram, has unveiled its latest creation, the Yellow Spiral Drive, which it reckons is “the swiss-army knife of overdrive pedals”.

According to Spiral, its functions span an ‘always-on’ tone sweetener, clean boost, low-gain distortion, mid-gain distortion, “amp input punisher” and high-gain lead fury.

The circuit is based on the DOD 250, but adds a Nanolog N2 Quantum Junction, Girth control and selectable clipping sections.

It works with both guitar and bass, with Spiral promising none of the low-end loss you’d expect from a traditional 250 circuit, courtesy of a low-end-enhancing Girth knob.

Tom Cram was the man behind some of our favourite pedals of recent years during his tenure at DigiTech/DOD, including the FreqOut, Rubberneck and countless others, so our hopes are high for this one.

The Yellow Spiral Drive is available now in a variety of one-off oxide finishes for $249 from Spiral Electric FX.

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