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DOD Rubberneck review

A new contender enters the fray

  • £209
  • €251
  • $249

Our Verdict

A highly usable analogue delay that can get as weird as you like.


  • Versatile. Awesome oscillation.


  • Not the cheapest analogue delay.

It’s relatively rare that a pedal manages both ‘weird’ and ‘normal’ sounds, but the Rubberneck delivers. 

The feature from which it gets its name can be dialled in to a subtle vibrato or a deep, seasick warble... or ignored! 

Controls for gain and tone mean that a brighter and cleaner or more dark and gritty sound can be conjured. There’s also tap tempo functionality and the option for eighth, dotted eighth and quarter notes, built on top of a great-sounding analogue delay. 

A regen knob gives control over momentary oscillation effects and a highly usable delay-time sweep makes more atmospheric delay lines possible.