SoundGhost's randomized sampler plugin Jumble is "a heartfelt ode to the limitless possibilities of generative music"

(Image credit: Soundghost)

SoundGhost makes fun, intuitive plugins that are easy to use; last year, we told you about its granular reverb plugin Scatter, but today the brand releases a new plugin: Jumble. 

Jumble is described by SoundGhost as a "randomised sample explorer". Drop any audio into this sampler plugin and its sample playhead will shift between random positions within the loop to create new patterns and ideas in sync with your DAW's tempo; the length of the gate can be adjusted along with the rate that the playhead shifts to a new position.

The plugin's amp section allows you to adjust the fade in and out times for each sample snippet, along with a handy gain knob. Jumble is also equipped with a state-variable filter with low- and high-pass modes along with a basic delay and reverb for creative sound-shaping. 

Jumble also offers two LFOs, which control the filter cutoff and the sample amplitude. LFOs can be synced to the DAW's host tempo and modulation patterns can be entered via a step sequencer. 

Live performers will be pleased to know that Jumble's manual mode can be used to deactivate the internal gate and shift the playhead via MIDI input, meaning that samples can be jumbled in real-time using keyboards and sequencers. 

Jumble is available now for macOS and Windows in VST3/AU formats. It's priced at £79 but available now for a discounted £49.

Find out more on Soundghost's website.

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