Sonnox announces its biggest ever sale – including its most popular plugins

(Image credit: Sonnox)

Sonnox rarely discounts its acclaimed range of recording plugins, and the company is making its new sale an unmissable event for musicians by offering its biggest discounts ever with up to 75% across the range – including its two best-selling plugins at the Sonnox webstore.

The Sonnox range of plugins offer powerful tools all musicians can benefit from, backed by a world class reputation.

Top audio professionals choose Sonnox plugins–  and they've put them to very good use on eight out of the ten best-selling records of this century, along with globally-renowned films, TV shows, games and tours.

Whether you're a veteran or a newcomer to recording, all Sonnox users will enjoy the sonic transparency and precision that have become a hallmark of its plugins. 

So it's great to see two of the company's most popular plugins receiving the biggest discount here in this special sale with 75% off, giving even more musicians and engineers the chance to discover the difference Sonnox plugins can make to their compositions.

Both the Sonnox Oxford Inflator and TransMod are available with 75% off – the biggest reduction we've ever seen on them, making this the perfect time for new and experienced musicians to add these valuable tools to their collections of home studio plugins.  

Sonnox Oxford Inflator gives your signal density and headroom for loudness without the downsides of using compression. Its reputation as a secret weapon for professionals has made it the company's best-selling plugin. The simple interface with Flexible and Band-split modes makes it easy to use and get great results to enhance your music. 

The Sonnox Oxford TransMod is a unique transient modulator that enriches your signals by allowing their dynamic level to be modified. It can emphasise the attack or sustain phase of a signal by up to 24 db of boost or cut. 

TransMod is great for gated overdriven drum sounds and offers extra loudness, presence and punch with peaks of up to 6db above the digital max without clipping.

Both are available for Pro Tools Native or HDX systems, and are compatible with Mac and PC DAWs including Logic, Cubase, Ableton and Studio 1. 

With a huge 75% off there's never been a bigger reduction on the prices for these two industry-leading plugins. You can find them and more Sonnox plugins on sale now at the Sonnox webstore.