Something wicked this way comes . . . It's Haunted Labs' Scorched Earth Fuzz

(Image credit: Haunted Labs)

Haunted Labs has launched the Scorched Earth Fuzz, a "relic" fuzz pedal with gnarly vintage silicon fire on its mind.

Now, Haunted Labs assures us that the Scorched Earth has modern tone shaping capabilities but when they describe the pedal as "kind like mainlining hot magma into your bloodstream" we are imagining that this is the sort of hard-clipping fuzz that'll scuzz up your tone nicely and take the paint off the wall. Hell, it may even kill your front lawn.

But as any fuzz nut will tell you, such collateral damage is worth it. The Scorched Earth launches today, Halloween, and just as last year's Witch Hammer Overdrive, it features a nicely morbid painted enclosure with three controls.

The Scorched Earth's three dials adjust level, tone and fuzz, and there is a lot of tone in that tone knob, as it's capable of changing the pedal's character. If mainlining hot magma seems a little much for your Led Zep covers band Haunted Labs says you can also find creamy smoothness, and all the harmonically rich sustain you'd expect from saturated fuzz.

The Scorched Earth is made in the USA, takes 9V of DC power to get it going, and is priced $159 (£129, €145 approx). 

Available now, head on over to Haunted Labs for more info and to order.

There is no demo video yet, so check out this one below to give you an idea of Haunted Labs' lineup.

Jonathan Horsley

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