Solaris is a new AI-powered virtual vocalist that’s based on a professional singer

The music software developer that can truly crack realistic vocal synthesis stands to make a real name for itself - and a fair bit of money, we’d imagine - and now Eclipsed Sounds is entering the fray.

The company is currently seeking funding for Solaris, a new English language singer that’s powered by Dreamtonics’ Synthesizer V. It’s billed as the first native English AI-style vocalist for the software, and replicates the vocals of singer-songwriter Emma Rowley.

Solaris seems to follow a similar format to other vocal synths: it looks like you can type in lyrics and pitch them on a piano roll-style interface. There are expression capabilities, too.

Eclipsed Sounds suggests various applications for Solaris: you could use it to create a draft vocal that a real singer can later use as a reference, to create harmonies, or - if the results are good enough - on a finished project.

You can find out more on the Solaris Indiegogo page, with the digital version ‘perk’ being offered at $125. If the project gets funded, delivery is expected to be in February 2022.

Solaris is compatible with both the free version of Synthesizer V, available as a free download on the Dreamtonics website, and the Pro version, which adds VST/AU support.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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