Slash confirms his relationship with Marshall will continue despite the development of a Magnatone signature amp for early 2024 release

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Slash has released a statement confirming he is still a Marshall Amplification artist following yesterday's announcement (9 November) that he is working on a new signature amp with Magnatone.

I still maintain my long relationship with Marshall and look forward to continued collaboration with their incredible team

In a recent statement from the US amp company, the Guns N' Roses guitarist  revealed a "killer" new signature version of its Super Super Fifty-Nine M-80 tube amp was on its way. While other parts of the guitar media and over-eager YouTubers were keen to jump the gun and assume that meant the end of his relationship with Marshall Amps after 30 years, the guitarist has now confirmed this isn't the case.

“To clear up any misconceptions that might arise, although Magnatone and I have been working together to create a new amp, I still maintain my long relationship with Marshall and look forward to continued collaboration with their incredible team,” said Slash in a statement released on 10 November, 24 hours after the Magnatone news broke.   

“I used a Magnatone 50-watt M-80 in the studio earlier this year and was blown away by how it sounded,” Slash revealed in the initial statement announcing the move. “Since then, I've been working with Magnatone on a 100-watt version of the M-80 and I absolutely love what they have come up with. It’s killer.”

Billy Gibbons already has a limited edition signature M-80 with Magnatone, and the company is understandably giddy to have another icon in its stable. 

“We could not be more excited that Slash embraced our quality engineering and commitment to tone excellence as the platform for designing his next generation of Signature amplifiers,” says Rod Washburn the General Manager of Magnatone.

“We are thrilled to welcome Slash to Magnatone and with his signature tone and style, our Master Collection of models will be taken to the next level,” adds Ted Kornblum, President and CEO of Magnatone.

Slash is set to co-design the new signature model amp and 4x12 cab with Magnatone engineer Obeid Khan. It's due out in early 2024 when Slash will be touring it with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators.  

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