"If you were to listen to anything I do you will see how big the blues influence is": Slash readies blues solo album featuring multiple vocalists – including Demi Lovato

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Slash is set to unveil a blues solo album on Friday 8 March and has posted a video teaser ahead of the announcement that you can see below.

It features the Guns N' Roses man playing a Bigsby-loaded ES-335 amongst more in-studio footage. "I'm a rock guitar player who's firmly rooted in blues," says Slash in the clip. "Blues guitar is something I got turned onto when I was a kid. If you were to listen to anything that I do you can see how big the blues influence is.

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"I'd always thought I'd want to record a [blues] record at some point and we got together and did it," he adds. 

Who 'we' is remains to be seen, but Demi Lovato is reportedly one of the vocalists who will appear on the follow-up to 2010's Slash album. In the intervening years he's worked on albums with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators, as well as returning to Guns N' Roses.

In July 2023 Slash told Yahoo Music that the setup on his second solo record will be "similar" to the first in terms of featuring "a bunch of different singers."

He's already repaid the favour back to Lovato by guesting on her 2023 album Revamped for the rock version of her song Sorry Not Sorry. 

"Her [album] is way different than mine," Slash told Yahoo Music. "It’s a completely different type of a song, so it's interesting how diverse her voice can be.”

As recovering addicts, Slash explained that he and Lovato felt a connection that sparked their friendship.

“She and I know each other because we're both… we've been through that,” Slash told Yahoo Music. “We were introduced a long time ago and we had that relate to — we were both struggling addicts and all that. … I'd been sober for a little while and she was still struggling a little bit, having just gone through a relapse. And then I talked to her just post-that, and she was sort of trying to get it back together and whatnot. 

"That's how we initially started sort of talking, and she's just really cool and she's a really intelligent and talented girl. And so, we’ve just been friends ever since then.” 

We'll have the full details on the 2024 album this Friday, and like Slash's previous record with Myles Kennedy & The Conspirators (2002's 4), it will be released on Gibson Records 


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