Shure at Back To Live

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BACK TO LIVE: As the industry-leading manufacturer of professional audio equipment, Shure is known for providing unbeatable quality, performance, and durability. 

We support musicians by providing them with the tools they need to capture their best performance, every time. We’re delighted to be part of Back To Live. As a company made up of musicians and music lovers, we can’t wait for the return of live performance.

Make The World Your Stage

Make The World Your Stage

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Make The World Your Stage was created to give artists a platform to share their music, their inspiration and their story. We invite musicians to record performances in unique locations and uncover their journey in exclusive interviews. Plus, we take you behind the scenes to showcase the microphones we used to record each performance.

The latest artist to ‘make the world their stage’ is singer-songwriter Jake Isaac performing ‘Brother’, live at the Signature Brew Taproom in East London. Joined by artists Bianca Rose, Guvna B and Joshua Luke Smith, this extraordinary performance leaves us with goosebumps every single time! 

For more information and for your chance to take part, visit our digital stage here.  #ShureMTWYS

NEW | Get Pro Control Over Your SLX-D System


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We are extremely excited to introduce two brand new features to SLX-D! Previously exclusive to our top-end digital wireless systems, we’re bringing the full capabilities of Wireless Workbench® 6 software and ShurePlus Channels app to our latest SLX-D system. 

Wireless Workbench® 6 lets you remotely monitor and manage Shure wireless systems without interrupting the production. ShurePlus Channels enables remote, real-time precision monitoring and control including audio metering, RF indicator, Show Link signal strength, and frequency assignments. Watch the video to see an overview of our SLX-D system and what you can expect from the new features coming this summer.

Wireless WorkBench and ShurePlus

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GLX-D16 | Made For Guitarists


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The precision-engineered wireless bodypack system for guitarists and bassists, GLX-D16 combines automatic frequency management with true digital diversity for a rock-solid wireless signal and exceptional digital audio clarity. The pedal board receiver also features a fantastic integrated strobe tuner.

The video below takes you over the setup and key features of our wireless system made specifically for guitarists. 

Click here to download our Freedom of Wireless brochure for an overview of all our wireless ranges.

Shure’s Legendary Performance | Quality Control

Designed to perform

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At Shure we don’t just make audio equipment that sounds great. We put every single one of our products through a series of rigorous tests so that you can feel confident that the gear you use meets the highest standards of performance. From our wireless microphones to our headphones, we’re confident that they will last and be by your side ready to perform whenever you need them. 

Go behind the scenes to see the work that goes into making products you can trust: 



Since 1925, we have worked relentlessly to deliver world-class sound, turning our passion into an obsession for all things audio. We are a company made up of engineers, musicians, performers, fans and music lovers. 

We understand what it feels like to rehearse for months in your garage. We know how it feels the moment before you get on stage and give it your all. And what it‘s like to witness the performance of a lifetime. People trust in Shure to make their music sound extraordinary, and we are committed to spending the next century developing new ways to make the world more colourful, more exhilarating and truly expressive. 

Music has the power to connect us all. We rely on creative minds and restless souls to bring our engineering to life. We can provide you with the tools, support and confidence you need to capture your best performance, every time. 

Let us unite our creativity, imaginative power and shared passions to achieve the unthinkable. 

Let us re-invent the now.

For more information on all our products head to


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