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Shubb's new Capo Royale series will class up your acoustic playing

(Image credit: Shubb Capos)

If you've just got a fancy-schmancy acoustic guitar and love it so much that you want to give it a gold band and just, y'know, marry the darn thing, then courtesy of Shubb Capos, you can.

That's right, Shubb Capos have just launched the ultra-premium Capo Royale (not with cheese) series, which comes in a choice of gold or rose gold finishes.

Now, we know what you are thinking: gold, won't that all scrape off? Well, Shubb says it has found a technical solution for that, promising that the Capo Royal won't lose its finish from the usual hurly-burly of a guitar accessory's life. Nor will it turn green in the shower.

The Capo Royale will be available for steel string guitars, 12-strings, those with a 7.25-inch fretboard radius, and for the banjo or mandolin. 

These are priced £29.95 (about £25 or so) and should be available via Shubb direct and from the usual retailers.

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