Seven-year-old British drummer plays Slipknot on the Ellen DeGeneres show, then gets given an SJC Jay Weinberg snare

Seven-year-old Caleb Hayes plays Slipknot
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A seven-year-old drummer who ranks Slipknot as his favourite band recently got the surprise of his life after making an appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show when he was also presented with an SJC Jay Weinberg 48-Ply signature snare drum.

Slipknot's Jay Weinberg on his SJC signature snare drum

Jay Weinberg

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The full story behind Jay's 48-ply, vented maple snare

Seven-year-old Caleb Hayes - who Slipknot previously invited on-stage in Birmingham - from Cumbria, UK, was a guest on the Ellen show, performing a cover of Slipknot’s Sulfur.

After he aced his way through the track, Caleb joined Ellen for a brief chat where he revealed that his father (also a drummer) had taught him “A little bit, but not everything.” about drumming, adding that his dad agrees that Caleb is the better drummer.

When asked if he ever gets nervous performing in front of people, the seven-year-old admitted “Only sometimes, but sometimes I think about food and chocolate, and anything chocolatey. It brings my nerves away.”

But DeGeneres had one more surprise lined-up for her guest, telling him she’d heard he was saving up for a special snare drum. “It’s a Jay Weinberg signature snare” Caleb confirmed.

“You want that? Ok, then we’ll give it to you.” DeGeneres told Caleb, whose jaw dropped in disbelief as he was handed the 48-ply, vented maple SJC Jay Weinberg snare featuring artwork designed by Weinberg and worth $1649. “Thank you so much!” he said, as he gripped his head in shock.

SJC Jay Weinberg 48-ply vented snare

(Image credit: SJC Drums)

Caleb’s hero, Jay Weinberg took to Instagram after the show to congratulate the prodigy. “Caleb!! Once again, you’ve made all your big brothers in @slipknot proud!! 

"What a way to own the moment, and deliver a fantastic performance. So stoked to see you rip it up on @The Ellen Show, and that you’re heading home with a new snare. Play it hard and often my friend - I know you will!"

SJC Drums founder, Mike Ciprari also posted about the event saying,  “A few years ago we got tagged in a video of this young rocker @claebdrummer4 air drumming to @jayweinberg at a Slipknot show.

"I got in touch with his parents and with the help of Jay, we lined up a meet and greet with the band at their next show in the UK.

"Fast forward a couple of years, Caleb is even more of a beast on the kit and just played on the Ellen show where they gifted him Jay’s 48-ply signature snare!

"This is exactly what we’re talking about when we say #SJCFAMILY To see the family come together like this is incredible and we’re so lucky to work with such amazing drummers who continue to pay it forward and continue to inspire the next generation of drummers and musicians. Thanks Jay for always being available to the SJC Family and thanks to Caleb and his parents for supporting SJC!”

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