See Bernth Brodträger set off fireworks from his acoustic guitar

Bernth Brodträger
(Image credit: Bernth Brodträger / YouTube)

Rammstein shoot fire from theirs and now Bernth Brodträger has found his own way to raise the bar on guitar pyrotechnics; he put fireworks on his acoustic guitar and set them off while performing his new single.

You know what we need to say at this point; don't try this at home. And you don't need to when you can experience the thrill vicariously through Austrian YouTuber Bernth below. 

The guitarist performs his new song Fireworks as all this is going on, with the display reaching its peak as the song builds. 

It's been quite a year for Bernth, both for his impressive music releases and the fact he got to play Opiate onstage in Prague with Tool in from of 20,000 people, following an invite from Adam Jones. 

Check out more of Bernth's videos at his YouTube channel

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