School of (indie) rock: Big Thief are inviting students and teachers to their soundchecks on tour

Big Thief
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US indie-rock band Big Thief are looking to share insight into their sound and creative process by inviting students and teachers to soundchecks on their 2023 US tour dates.

Their aim is to "bring an educational component to the touring process" for young people. 

"Our hope is that students would be able to come see the soundcheck and ask questions and share in a discussion about creativity, music, playing shows, songwriting, or whatever!," the band said in a statement on social media.

"Teachers – we would love to hear if you are interested in participating and how we can organise this so that it is of most benefit to your students. If you are interested in bringing your class to a soundcheck, and/or have any ideas that you think would help us get the ball rolling and make this experience as accessible and organized as possible, please do not hesitate to reach out to us at this email address: bigthiefsoundcheck@gmail.

"Let’s chat and hopefully see some of you at soundcheck."

Big Thief's US tour begins on 31 January in Burlington Vermont. For more info on dates visit

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