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Sassy Audio Spreadsheet is part modular softsynth, part spreadsheet and all business

We've seen spreadsheet-based musical instruments before, but the developer behind Sassy Audio Spreadsheet has levelled up the game somewhat.

Sassy Audio Spreadsheet is a modular softsynth and fully working spreadsheet software all-in-one. 

The instrument is packed to the gills with over 100 functions that take in all the usual synthesis options you'd expect such as waveforms, filters, envelopes and effects, as well as many functions found in spreadsheets that lend themselves perfectly to synthesis.

Sassy isn't a closed system with so you can easily integrate it with the rest of your studio. MIDI control is possible with a few simple functions, all of which can be found in a handy help menu.

Despite being quite processor-intensive, the instrument also has the ability to process real-time audio with the help of a JIT engine.

Perhaps one of its greatest strengths is the ability to modulate all cell information, making it one of the most flexible softsynths going.

Sassy Audio Spreadsheet is currently in beta and available for Windows only. More information, including download links, can be found on sol_hsa's page.

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