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Roland Juno-60 vs Roland Juno-X: here’s a side-by-side comparison

We’re already given you our first impressions of the new Roland Juno-X, but if you want another perspective - specifically, on how it compares to the classic Juno-60 (one of the synths that it seeks to emulate) - then here’s Mylar Melodies with his take.

In the video above, you can see Melodies (AKA Gear4Music’s Alex Theakston) offering a direct comparison of his vintage Juno-60 with the Juno-60 model that’s built into the Juno-X. There are some caveats - Theakston admits that his Juno is “a bit wonky” and acknowledges that all ‘60s sound a bit different anyway - but it’s an interesting comparison nonetheless.

As you’d expect, there are plenty of audio examples to chew on, including filter sweeps, a PWM bass sound, a saw pad with chorus and a saw pad with resonance. 

As for whether the synths sound the same or whether one sounds better than the other… well, we’ll leave you to judge for yourself.

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