Roland at Gear Expo Summer 2022: Supporting every drummer

GEAR EXPO SUMMER 2022: The TD-07 series supports every drummer as they take the next step, offering four different kits with unique configurations. But whichever TD-07 kit you choose, you always get these core elements.

The Module

Full of authentic drum sounds and wireless connectivity.

Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

The TD-07 is the 'brain' of the entire kit, with over 140 instruments spread over 25 preset kits from rock and metal to jazz and electronic. It's designed to get you straight into the action, with more time playing and less time scrolling through menus. As well as the 25 presets, there are 25 "blank canvas" kits for building your own signature kits. 

Drumming with favourite tracks is one of the most fun and productive things you can do with an electronic kit, and the TD-07KV makes it easy. Thanks to onboard Bluetooth, you can call up tracks on your smartphone, tablet, or computer and wirelessly hear the audio through the module right alongside the drums.

Module features: 
• 50 kits (25 preset) 
• 143 instruments
• Built-in FX
• Room and mic simulator
• USB audio
• Bluetooth (audio and MIDI)
• 5 Coaching Modes – Time Check (easy), Time Check (hard), Quiet Count, Auto up/down, Change-up

The Kits


Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

The entry-level TD-07DMK is the most affordable kit in the TD-07 series, with a compact pad layout and a kick pad that attaches directly to the stand.

Perfect if you need a drum kit that can fit into smaller spaces, with compact pad size and configuration.

The slimline kick pad attaches directly to the drum stand, taking up hardly any room and is ideal if the kit is frequently moved around or needs to be stored away after use.


Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

The TD-07KV is great value within the TD-07 family, with an upgraded freestanding kick drum, and bigger crash cymbals.

While offering the same compact stand size as the entry-level TD-07DMK, this uprated kit benefits from the added expression and control of a larger individual KD-10 kick pad and CY-8 crash cymbal.

The larger and more substantial kick pad means your leg gets a great work out, helping developing stamina and technique across a range of musical styles.

Crash and ride cymbals are bigger giving you a larger target to hit, along with more movement and swing when struck.

What’s upgraded: Same compact stand size, but with a freestanding kick pad and larger 12-inch crash and ride cymbals.


Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

The TD-07KX has the most cymbals in the TD-07 lineup thanks to an extra crash, with bigger snare and toms too.

If you have the space and budget, larger drum pads are better for freedom of movement, so choose the TD-07KX for the next step up.

This mid-series kit offers larger snare and toms, giving more space for drum rudiments, fills, and classic drum solos.

The additional crash cymbal introduces more opportunities for playing extra sounds while also developing your co-ordination skills and stamina.

What’s upgraded: Larger 12-inch snare and 8-inch toms, and a second crash cymbal (12 inch)


Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

The TD-07KVX is top of the TD-07 range, with a floating VH-10 hi-hat that mounts onto an acoustic hi-hat stand, plus larger V-Cymbals.

Play your most dynamic and dramatic parts with a full array of cymbals, including the freestanding VH-10 hi-hats for a more substantial physical presence and superior playability.

The enlarged crash and ride V-Cymbals give you an even larger target to hit, along with satisfying movement and swing when struck.

The three-zone ride means you can play the bow, bell, and edge of the cymbal for maximum expression.

What’s upgraded: VH-10 floating hi-hats mounted on its own stand, larger cymbals (12 and 13 inch) with three-zone design for the ride cymbal

Looking for the benefits of a digital V-Drums kit, using the same TD-07 module but with an acoustic look? 

Roland VAD103

Roland V Drum range

(Image credit: Roland)

As the entry point to the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, the VAD103 is the affordable all-digital kit that captures the vibe and feel of a traditional acoustic set, complete with shallow-depth wood drum shells. Keep the noise down with Roland’s acclaimed double-ply mesh heads and a smart air-damping system in the kick drum, and then let loose when it’s showtime

Stay focused with a streamlined tom layout or express yourself with a full array of cymbals. Mount the VAD103’s large drum and cymbal pads to regular stands to accompany the 18-inch kick drum for a classic acoustic kit vibe, and set it up anywhere in your home thanks to the compact footprint


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