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Rode releases its first USB audio interface as part of a new recording bundle

It’s long been a microphone specialist, but now Rode is turning its attention to the next link in your recording chain and releasing a USB audio interface.

The AI-1 is a relatively compact device that comes with a Neutrik combo jack and discrete Class-A preamp, so you can plug in a mic, guitar or line-level instrument such as a synth. There’s a phantom power option, while outputs come on a pair of 1/4-inch balanced jacks. There’s a dedicated 1/4-inch headphones output, too. Direct monitoring is here, and the AI-1 is class-compliant.

You can buy the AI-1 as part of The Complete Studio Kit, which includes an NT1 large diaphragm condenser microphone, SMR shock mount with popshield, 20-foot XLR and USB C/A cables as well. It’ll be available separately soon.

We’re still waiting on official confirmation of a price but it looks like the Complete Studio Kit will retail for around $379 and be available this month. Find out more on the Rode website.