RØDE says that the PodMic USB is its “most versatile mic ever”

RØDE has released plenty of microphones down the years, but none more versatile than the new PodMic USB. In fact, the company reckons that this is its “most versatile mic ever”.

Offering both XLR and USB outputs, the PodMic can be hooked up to pretty much anything: mixers, audio interfaces, computers and mobile devices (iOS and Android). In fact, RØDE believes that, if you’re a do-it-all creator, this could be the only mic you’ll ever need.

That said, it seems that the PodMic USB is very much optimised for speech recording, with its high-power neodymium capsule being tailor-made for this purpose. There’s a built-in pop filter for minimising plosives, and we’re promised an even flatter frequency response than the original PodMic and low self-noise. A cardioid polar pattern should ensure that the focus is on the audio you want to record and not background noise.

When used in USB mode, the PodMic USB makes use of its built-in Revolution Preamp, while built-in DSP provides you with a compressor, noise gate and high-pass filter, along with Aural Exciter and Big Bottom effects. These can all be tweaked using the VoxLab editor.

The headphone output, meanwhile, offers zero-latency monitoring, and the built-in volume control can be used to adjust levels and - via its switch - turn zero-latency monitoring on or off. It also serves as a mic mute button when you’re using RØDE Connect or Unify, the company’s software control solutions.

Given that this is a mic that’s designed to be used when you’re on the move, RØDE says that rugged build quality was high on the agenda at the drawing board stage. To this end, it has an all-metal construction, from the body to the stainless steel mesh grille. An integrated swing mount is designed to provide easy positioning and improved isolation, and the capsule’s internal suspension should help to protect the PodMic USB from bumps and bangs.

Designed and built in Sydney, Australia, the PodMic USB comes with a 5-year warranty and is available now priced at $199. Find out more on the RØDE website.

Rode PodMic USB

(Image credit: Rode)
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