Robert Smith convinces Ticketmaster to refund some of its fees for Cure fans

The Cure
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Robert Smith's emergence as the unlikely champion of gig goers continues following yesterday's news that The Cure were in ongoing discussions with Ticketmaster over the handling of sales for its forthcoming Shows Of A Lost World US tour. 

The band ensured face value ticket prices would be sold for as low as $20 but after it emerged some fans were calling foul over high fees (with some charged as much as the tickets themselves), it looks like Smith stepped in to pressure Ticketmaster.

Smith has confirmed that move has now resulted in a refund of up to $10 for Cure fans.  

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"After further conversation," Smith Tweeted on his official account above, "Tickemaster have agreed with us that many of the fees being charged are unduly high, and as a gesture of goodwill have offered $10 per ticket refund to all verified fan accounts and lowest ticket price (LTP) transactions."

There was more – Smith confirmed other ticket fees would also receive a partial refund. 

"And a $5 ticket refund to all verified fan accounts for all other ticket price transactions," he added. "For all Cure shows at all venues; if you already bought a ticket you will get an automatic refund. All tickets on sale tomorrow (17 March) will incur lower fees."

We're already Robert Smith fans, and of course this has made us admire him even more. But how did it come to this? It's undoubtedly an embarrassing situation for Ticketmaster, but does prove that artists are part of the conversation when it comes to questioning the high fees involved in the purchase of some gig tickets. 

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While artists have a more direct influence on the price of the tickets themselves, Smith has shown that looking out for fan interests can have some positive effect elsewhere. We think it's up to other big artists to follow Smith's lead and add to the pressure. 

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