Rivera announces versatile Clubster Royale Recording guitar amp

Rivera has announced the Clubster Royale Recording, a two-channel guitar amp available in head and combo formats.

The Clubster Royale Recording features a high-gain lead channel voiced like the Rivera Knucklehead and a high-headroom clean channel.

A switchable internal reactive load and speaker emulation are onboard, as are balanced XLR and unbalanced outputs.

Rivera’s latest plays up to its Recording name with the inclusion of a built-in headphone amp for latency-free monitoring, while there’s also a special output for use with Impulse Response files with a DAW.

Elsewhere, there’s an Accutronics spring reverb and built-in effects loop.

25-watt and 50-watt versions of the head or combo are available, the latter of which is equipped with a Celestion speaker. A matching 1x12 cab is also available.

See Rivera Amplification (opens in new tab) for more info – UK prices are below, with US to follow.

  • Clubster Royale Recording 25W Top - £1,499
  • Clubster Royale Recording 50W Top - £1,599
  • Clubster Royale Recording 25W-112 Combo - £1,699
  • Clubster Royale Recording 50W-112 Combo - £1,799
  • Clubster Royale Recording 1-12 Extension Cabinet - £599
Michael Astley-Brown

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