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DeepRemix makes it easy for anyone to separate their MP3s and audio files, then edit each vocal and instrument track

(Image credit: Hit'n'Mix)

You’ll often hear music software developers talking about their ‘gamechanging’ new products but just how many times can a game be changed and still be the same game, we wonder? Even the most cynical observer would have to concede that Hit ‘n’ Mix’s new RipX: DeepRemix app does something that, up until relatively recently, would have been unthinkable in all but the most expensive, high-end software.

Put simply, it enables you to ‘rip’ apart your stereo MP3s and other audio files. Or, to put it another way, it separates out their individual vocal and instrumental parts so that you can do what you want with them. And, until the end of this month, RipX: DeepRemix can be had for the bargain-basement price of just $69/£55/€60.

You’re probably getting excited thinking about what you could do with this technology already but, in case you’re still wondering, we can tell you that RipX: DeepRemix has massive potential for remixers, DJs and producers who want to re-work mixes of their favourite tracks. 

What’s more, you don’t even need any music production experience in order to use it. This is because DeepRemix uses powerful AI isolation algorithms to perform the separation, so it’s all done automatically. It sounds like magic, but it really can isolate a track’s vocals, bass, drum and other layers at the push of a button.

But this is just the start - once your tracks have been separated, you can start manipulating them in all manner of ways, mixing and matching layers right from within the software. You can apply effects, change the tempo, tweak the key, and even make new loops in real-time. 

Your audio can be viewed and edited on an intuitive colour-coded display, where you can re-balance tracks by making volume, panning and EQ adjustments. Expect amazing results with minimal effort.

This is the kind of stuff that, not so long ago, would have required a team of experienced audio engineers and a roomful of equipment to make happen, but now it’s all there for you on your desktop.

What’s more, if you need even more power and flexibility, you can add the pro-level DeepAudio module ($250/£220/€254). This includes the Audioshop, which offers tools such as the Unpitched Editor, Harmonic Editor, Clone, Draw Audio and Draw Pitch, along with RipScripts (for creating your own tools) and support for VST/ARA and AAX plug-ins.

Even with the standard version of RipX: DeepRemix, though, you’re getting industry-leading source separation, and for a remarkably low price. That $69/£55/€60 intro offer is only available until the end of May, though, so get in quick if you want to take advantage of it.

‘Find out more and get a free trial on the Hit ‘n’ Mix website.’