Reverb announces more exclusive effects ahead of The Pedal Movie release

Reverb built buzz for its forthcoming film, The Pedal Movie (opens in new tab), with two collaborations last year involving four inventive titans of the effects pedal (opens in new tab)world; EarthQuaker Devices + Death By Audio and Chase Bliss Audio + Zvex. special partnership pedals quickly sold out, with the scalpers taking full advantage to attempt to sell back again on Reverb, but a new run of the latter's Bliss Factory is now going to be available in March with preorders already selling fast. And now Walrus and Way Huge are joining in the fun with special edition Pedal Movie combination pedals.


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The Way Huge Effect Pedal and Beer pedals, Walrus Audio Warhorn / Ages and second run of Z Vex/Chase Bliss Audio collaboration Bliss Factory are on sale now.

Way Huge's Effect Pedal has already sold out but the other three are still available right now over at the Reverb Pedal Movie Shop (opens in new tab).

Walrus Audio Warhorn / Ages


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Walrus Audio Ages Five-State Overdrive

From Reverb: The Ages Five-State Overdrive and Warhorn Mid-Range Overdrive from Walrus Audio brings an army of tonal options together exclusively for Reverb

Use the two drives independently or stack them together for mammoth sized saturation. Choose which drive you want to lead you into battle with the order toggle switch. Find near endless ways to drive your signal with the Ages + Warhorn Dual Overdrive made in a limited edition of 1000 exclusively in coordination with Reverb's The Pedal Movie.

The Warhorn is a mid-range, transparent overdrive pedal that’s capable of punchy rhythm, to searing Texas Blues leads. For added versatility, the pedal features a toggle switch that provides two flavors of clipping. The left position is a more compressed, symmetrically clipped tone, and the right position is an asymmetric, more open and organic sound. It includes Level, Drive, Bass and Treble controls providing a large range of tweaking and shaping options for your original tone.

For Ages, overdrive has been the one effect vital for so many. It’s used to charge through front lines of the mix and deliver a clear message that won’t soon be forgotten to its loyal listeners. Ages is a massively versatile overdrive machine standing at the ready for any amp and pickup combination that is thrown at it. An overdrive with innovative features that can stand on its own and stack well with other drives, Ages is ready to stand its ground and convey an unforgettable sound.

Way Huge Beer Overdrive


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Essential overdrives

smallsound / bigsound

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5 overdrive pedals guitar players need to try (opens in new tab)

From Reverb: The Beer Overdrive is a limited edition version of the Way Huge's touchstone OD the Saucy Box and is limited to 150 production units in collaboration with Reverb's "The Pedal Movie".

Get wasted. The Way Huge Beer Overdrive combines discrete clean and overdrive signal paths to deliver organic, responsive, amp-like overdrive tones. 

With a passive tone circuit that will play nice with any pickup type, a tough enclosure, automatic balance of tone ratio, a unity gain buffer, and tons of tone on tap the Beer will quickly become a go-to overdrive for guitar players around the world. 

Way Huge has outdone themselves again. If you're looking for dynamic, plug in and play overdrive, then look no further.


Way Huge Effect Pedal


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The Effect Pedal is based on Way Huge's hugely popular Swollen Pickle Fuzz with a more minimal white and blue design. The fuzz tone here is controlled via loudness, sustain and filter controls, as well as the more diminutive scoop and crunch knobs.

Chase Bliss & ZVEX - The Bliss Factory [second run in black enclosure]


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From Reverb: The long awaited second drop of the 2020 release that disrupted the pedal industry.

We may have finally caught bliss.

This is the very famous five-knob, two germanium transistor fuzz we’ve always dreamed of collaborating with ZVEX on. In short, it’s a souped-up Fuzz Factory with digital control and a resonant low pass filter.

Fantastic fuzz

Although the five knobs are named for the parameters over which they seem to have the most control, please don’t hold us to it. They are controls for various operating levels and biases, shaping you a personalized fuzz.

This edition is of 1000 units on anodised black enclosures. 

Like all Chase Bliss Audio pedals, all of these settings can be stored in presets, ramped, or controlled via expression pedal. Every knob and switch is connected to a little digital brain while your guitar signal stays 100% analog and never gets digitally processed.

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