Red Witch's Pristina is a limited edition two-channel boost pedal that will add “depth and dynamics to any amplifier“

Red Witch Pristina
(Image credit: Red Witch Pedals)

Red Witch Pedals has unveiled the Pristina – a dual channel germanium boost designed to bring the best out of your valve amplifier. But you've got to be quick: the Pristina is available on a very limited run.

The design is straightforward. There are two footswitches, one for each channel, two volume controls. The LED lets you know which channel you have engaged, lighting up red for channel one, blue for channel two, and if you choose to combine both channels the LED lights violet.

This all equates to three levels of boost from using the footswitches alone. Use both channels simultaneously you can deploy your guitar's volume control to dial in how much overdrive you need, with the promise that rolling it back won't see some of that treble roll off in the process.

While the design is simple enough, having two channels increases your options. One could be set for a subtle boost, the other more pronounced to help a solo cut through the mix.

Each channel has a a single, hand selected, NOS germanium transistor and is tuned to run clean and shake your amp awake, letting you access all those musical dynamics. 

Only 99 Pristina pedals will be made, each hand-built in New Zealand, numbered and signed by Red Witch founder Ben Fulton. They are true bypass and can be run on 9V or 18V DC for more headroom.

Priced $299, they are available now. See Red Witch Pedals for more details.

Jonathan Horsley

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