The Red Panda Raster 2 digital delay boasts some serious upgrades

Red Panda
(Image credit: Red Panda)

SUMMER NAMM: The Red Panda Raster 2 digital delay pedal offers great scope for the experimentalists and time-bending players out there, with a host of added features six years on from its first iteration.

Like the Eventide MicroPitch delay, it also offers micro pitch shifting as well as  phase-shifted repeats, infinite descents, reverse delays, arpeggios, 'chaotic' self-oscillation and now the Raster 2 offers longer delay times, modulation options, added presets, MIDI and stereo via TRS.

The new modulation mode offers an impressive selection of seven waveforms. These  can then be assigned to delay time, pitch shift, or the effect level. 

"There are two random waveforms for glitchy sliced delays or random pitch shift, wow and flutter, and broken tape deck effects," details Red Panda. "Envelope and inverse envelope enable dynamic flanging and pitch bent delays. Stereo controls adjust the modulation amount and phase between channels, for subtle shifts or swirling psychedelic washes."

Red Panda's full list of features for the Raster 2 are as follows:

Red Panda

(Image credit: Red Panda)
  • 1600 ms stereo delay time in three ranges
  • 3200 ms forward delay available via editor
  • Micro pitch shifting and detuning
  • Tuned pitch shifting, +/- 12 semitones
  • Phase and frequency shifting
  • Repeats shifted once or continuously
  • Reverse delay
  • Seven modulation waveforms, envelope, and reverse envelope
  • Most parameters have left/right controls for stereo delay
  • Parallel, series, or ping pong structure
  • Tone control
  • Stereo input/output (TRS)
  • Soft touch bypass switch with selectable momentary, latching, or mute output
  • Shift footswitch momentary, latching, or assignable to tap tempo
  • Assignable expression pedal, remote switch, remote tap, or MIDI port
  • Full MIDI implementation with additional parameters (USB or TRS)
  • MIDI clock synchronisation
  • Presets (four on front, 127 via MIDI)
  • Web-based editor for editing presets and accessing hidden parameters

The Red Panda Raster 2 will be $299 and shipping in late summer / early autumn. For more info visit Red Panda

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