Queen’s Roger Taylor: “I can’t take Taylor Hawkins out of my phone”

Roger Taylor performs at CalJam 2018 on Taylor Hawkins' pink Gretsch drum kit
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It’s well known that Queen drummer, Roger Taylor was one of Taylor Hawkins’ biggest influences behind the kit, as well as becoming a close friend to the late Foo Fighters drummer. In-turn, Roger son Rufus (The Darkness) told MusicRadar back in January that Taylor was like his "mentor, hero and big brother."

Roger made an appearance on BBC Radio 2's Zoe Ball Breakfast Show  earlier this week in order to promote the upcoming 12-week run of Queen and Ben Elton’s We Will Rock You musical. During the interview, Roger spoke about Ben Elton’s new role as a cast member, Queen’s US touring plans for later this year, and the band’s evergreen appeal to multiple generations. 

Before long, the subject of Roger’s friendship with Taylor Hawkins came up, with Ball asking if Roger had heard the new Foo Fighters material.

“No, I haven’t." Roger says, "I was in almost daily contact with dear Taylor. That was heartbreaking. He’s Godfather to my son, Rufus. I love the Foo Fighters, they’re like my brothers. It’s very hard [knowing he’s gone]."

Ball then turns the conversation to Rufus, asking Roger how his son is, and whether there is any truth to the rumours that he will be joining Foo Fighters as their new drummer.

“Well, Rufus is phenomenal. He’s turned into this scary, great drummer with The Darkness. I watched them the other day at Wembley Arena. Phenomenal. Absolutely phenomenal band, great band live. I love The Darkness. My son, he’s just annoyingly powerful and he’s become very, very good. I can’t say any more!"

Do you ever drum together, at home?
"No, not really, um…I can’t keep up with him!" 

There were rumours that he might tour with Foo Fighters. Do you know?
"Well, he does play brilliantly with them. He knows all their stuff, knows them all very well. He did play Best of You with the Foos, and it was phenomenal at Wembley, and at The Forum in LA. What exactly is happening now, I don’t know.

We don’t know a lot about Foos’ new record at the moment, everything’s very much under cover. But, exciting though!

"They are working, and that’s really good. We’re never going to forget him. I can’t take him out of my phone.”

Foo Fighters recently announced their new album, But Here We Are, along with the first single Rescued, with no word yet who has played drums on the recording (although our money is on Dave Grohl), or confirmation of who will be playing the parts live.

We Will Rock You opens at the London Coliseum on 2 June, 21 years after it first began. For a full list of dates and to buy tickets, click here

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