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PRS's new £5340 / €6139 Modern Eagle V has a crazy amount of switching options

This year's Experience PRS 2020 event may have been a virtual affair, but it's getting a special edition model in its honour nonetheless. 

If over £5k for a contemporary electric guitar doesn't faze you, it might mean you're one of the select group of PRS collectors this kind of limited run is aimed at. But you're getting a hugely versatile bird here for your money. 

There will be 200 Eagle Vs in two finishes – Charcoal and River Blue – with some seriously versatile switching options. 

(Image credit: PRS Guitars)

The H/S/H (five-coil) pickup configuration features a  new switching system to expand on the tonal options. The five-way blade switch selects the pickups in the same way as the 509 model does; treble, treble and middle, middle, middle and bass, bass. However, the two paired mini-toggles separate the slug-side coils, "turning the humbuckers into true, TCI-tuned single coils".

There's also a single volume and a push/pull tone control that activates both humbuckers so players can access three pickups simultaneously. 

That enough options for you? Well there's more! A third mini-toggle that changes the volume pot value from 500k to 250k, to change the tonal character even further.

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