Propellerhead’s Quad Note Generator could help you to come up with musical ideas in Reason

Propellerhead Software’s Quad Note Generator continues the current trend for software that helps you to come up with musical ideas. A new Player device for Reason, it’s available as a Rack Extension and is designed for generating melodies, rhythms and harmonies that you might otherwise not have come up with.

As the name suggests, you get four separate note generators to work with. You can feed the software your scale, rhythm and variation preferences and then watch as it goes to work. You can use the device as a starting point for a new song, or as a tool to add a little something extra to an existing project.  

The Generator’s performances can be recorded into Reason’s main sequencer for final editing, while the freeze function enables you to create phrases that are part repetitive, part improvisational.

“Players, our MIDI effects, have always been about making music faster and kickstarting new ideas.” said Mattias Häggström Gerdt, Product Manager. “QuadNote Generator goes even further, generating a stream of unpredictable melodies, rhythms and harmonies - with enough control to feel in control. Add it to your favourite instrument and get new ideas for any type of music.”

Quad Generator is available now priced at $69/€69 from the Propellerhead Store, and you can also download a trial version.

Ben Rogerson
Deputy Editor

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