"Probably the loudest 30-watt amp on the market" – Orange reveals the Orange OR30 amp, but it can be tamed

Orange OR-30
(Image credit: Orange)

Orange Technical Director Ade Emsley knows his Oranges, as well as his onions and his new OR30 tube amp design looks like it's going to be a future favourite – but not just for stages. 

With a footswitchable Volume Boost and Bright Switch, the UK-built amp is "probably the loudest 30-watt amp on the market" according to Orange. But its two-watt mode will tame it for your home.

The single-channel OR-30's 5AR4  tube rectifier complements your dynamics and its cross-line presence control is designed to shine at any level. "Players can roll off the treble on the tone stack, add or remove presence and get two totally different sounds," says Orange. And demonstrates it in the video above.  

Elsewhere the OR-30 packs 3 x 12AX7 preamp/phase inverter and 4 x EL34 power amp tubes.  

Along with an all-valve 12AU7 FX loop, the OR30 features a three-way bright switch for the first time on an Orange amp. Great news for player looking to shape the amp around their pedals, or swapping between guitars with varying character. 

"Flicked to the left the switch provides a fine treble boost to interact with the tone stack and when switched to the right it gives a broader treble boost that gives laser-like cut-through and really sharpens the tone," the company explains. 

This sense of enhanced usability extends to a footswitchable volume boost. This is a secondary volume control that's ideal for lead breaks. It's already found favour with the Gaslight Anthem's Brian Fallon and Brian Baker of Bad Religion above.
The OR-30 is available in Orange and Black, priced at $1799 / £1699
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