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PreSonus’s PD-70 podcasting mic is designed to capture clear speech and nothing else

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that quite a few people are releasing podcasts these days, so if you’re an audio company, having a podcasting microphone in your range is a no-brainer. Right on cue, PreSonus has popped up with the PD-70, a new broadcast mic that promises to deliver “clarity for the spoken word”.

Said to be suitable for not just podcasters but also radio broadcasters, YouTubers, and live streaming, the PD-70 is designed to clearly capture speech while eliminating mechanical noise and breathiness. Off-axis rejection means that it can be used in pretty much any space, picking up your voice but giving unwanted reverberance, electrical hum or external traffic noise the heave-ho.

In technical terms, the PD-70 is described as a dynamic end-address mic with a cardioid polar pattern, doing its best business in the 50 Hz to 20 kHz (±3 dB) frequency range. There’s an integrated windscreen for reducing plosives, and a built-in hard mount, too.

The PD-70 is available now priced at $130. Find out more on the PreSonus website.

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