Video: Check out our 6 favourite guitar tones on Positive Grid’s Authentic Hendrix pack for BIAS FX 2 and Spark

Launched in October last year, Positive Grid’s officially licensed Authentic Hendrix pack harnessed all the power of the amp modelling titan’s technology to give guitarists the ultimate experience – playing through a virtual suite of Jimi Hendrix’s amps, effects and electric guitars.

No, Positive Grid never made any promises on you being able to play like Hendrix. MusicRadar’s GOAT is untouchable in that respect. But compatible with its BIAS FX 2 plugin and Spark digital guitar amp, Positive Grid says its Authentic Hendrix pack will make you can sound like him.

It’s a bold claim and we put it to the test, running through the package to compile our favourite six preset sounds, and give you a video demo of each. 

The presets are as follows: 

1. Legendary fuzz
2. Wargun fuzz vibe
3. Inside the watchtower
4. Super 100 hi gain
5. Free wing clean
6. Voodoo kid fuzz

And we defy any guitar player not to have a lot of fun in playing around with them. 

Positive Grid Authentic Hendrix Collection

(Image credit: Positive Grid)

As to playing like Hendrix, well, maybe Positive Grid can help after all, with the Authentic Hendrix's Auto Tone feature [available exclusively on Spark], will show you which chords to play and change presets for you so you can keep your hands on the fingerboard and your mind on the job.

Besides the ability to build a Hendrix-approved signal chain, other features include an interactive guide to Hendrix's gear, giving you the full story behind his gear journey.

The Authentic Hendrix pack is available now, direct from Positive Grid. You can buy it bundled with the Spark 40 smart guitar amp for $289, or as an in-app purchase for Spark owners. Alternatively, it is priced $60 for BIAS FX 2 owners, and $119 as a bundle. See Positive Grid for more details.


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