Pioneer DJ’s latest monitors are aimed at delivering club-style mixes at an affordable price-point

Pioneer DJ has launched the new VM range of bi-amped 2-way active monitors that promise to deliver clear, accurate sound reproduction with fast response suitable for both DJing and music production.

Three models adorn the range; The VM-50s feature a 5.25” driver and 30 W of power; the VM-70s come with a 6.5” driver at 70 W; while the VM-80s include an 8” driver with a power-handling of 90 W.

All three models are jammed with a Class D amplifier with 96 kHz sampling DSP to enable wide-bandwidth audio reproduction, which will allow the user to fine-tune the sound to suit the room size, shape and construction.

Four EQ knobs are located on the rear of the speakers, but to save you from fumbling around blindly, Pioneer DJ has seen fit to give the controls easy-to-find positions allowing for a total of 16 setting variants.

Each monitor in the VM range delivers a flat frequency response and aside from tailoring the sound to suit your home studio, the DSP can also be utilised for delivering a sound that is more suitable for DJing, recreating the characteristics of a club mix.

Bass reflex management has been improved and the VM monitors promise vibration-free low-end reproduction with the Vortex Bass Accelerator ports and alongside the Aramid fibre woofers to make for punchy delivery in the lower mids and bass frequencies.

The upper mids and high frequencies are taken care of with a constant directivity horn that allows a perfect crossover with the lower frequencies and at the centre features a 1” silk dome tweeter that appears in each of the three models.

The VM-50s are priced at £159/€179/$169 each, the VM-70s are £219/€249/$229 each and the VM-80s come in at £269/€309/$289 per monitor (all inclusive of VAT). For more information, check out the Pioneer DJ website.