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Pigtronix unveils 3 new mini guitar effects pedals

Following hot on the heels of the well-received Disnortion Micro and Philosopher’s Tone Micro, Pigtronix has revealed three new mini guitar effects pedals, the Octava Micro, Gatekeeper Micro and Class A Boost Micro.

Most intriguing among the three is the Octava, an expanded version of the original Pigtronix Disnortion’s octave-up section, which packs an onboard lowpass filter for octave-up tones anywhere on the neck without adjusting the guitar’s tone control.

Drive, blend, filter and fuzz controls adjust the tone, while the fuzz itself is activated via a push-button switch.

The Class A Boost Micro, meanwhile, offers 20dB of boost via J-FET transistors in a Class A configuration, and the Gatekeeper Micro promises a “lightning-fast, studio-quality” noise gate with threshold and release time knobs.

The Octava Micro ($119), Class A Boost ($89) and Gatekeeper Micro ($99) are available now. See Pigtronix for more info.

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