These 2 picking workouts will improve your timing and technique

(Image credit: Peter Van Breukelen/Redferns)

Guitar lessons: Our picking technique is easy to overlook and take for granted – but it's fundamental. We're honing in on two areas that will give you a valuable workout that will pay dividends with your playing.    

1. Spirited arpeggios 

(Image credit: Future)

Loosely inspired by Radiohead’s Street Spirit, this Am-C-G-Am progression looks easy but the arpeggios provide a tough picking workout. 

No surprises, then, first try picking down up down up – probably the most important picking method of all. Alternatively, try the pattern shown below bar 1, which you can apply throughout.

2. Dogged riffing 

(Image credit: Future)

What’s tough about combining single notes and chords? Pick control, that’s what! Here in our Snarky Puppy-inspired riff you’ll be switching between precise single-note picking and a wider strumming motion. 

Aim to keep your strumming movements small and efficient to make it easier to return to single notes.

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