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Perform real-time cinematic textures with Native Instruments Straylight

Native Instruments has announced Straylight, a brand new Kontakt instrument that promises “direct-to-picture performance of tones, drones, atmospheres, and transitions.”

The instrument is made up of grain and sample playback modules, featuring sounds, effects and an X-Y modulation matrix.

Aimed and film, TV and game scoring, the sound sources employed promise to be screen-ready and were meticulously sampled, looking for the most suitable sounds for the granular engine.

The instrument was developed with Frank Elting and The most human colors, a boutique instrument and sound design agency. With ex-Tangerine Dream and long-time composer Paul Haslinger.

Straylight boasts over 360 sounds, including strings, glass, stone, membranes, and many more for the granular and sample modules. There are over 380 presets to play with, categorised into Atmosphere, Pad, Lead, Transition, Keys, Effects, Subs and Pulses. All wrapped up in an intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

Compatible with Kontakt 6 and Kontakt Player 6, Straylight is available $149/£129/€149 from the Native Instruments website now.