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Opeth's Mikael Åkerfeldt: the 10 guitarists that blew my mind

5. Andy Latimer

“Andy is probably the most tasteful player of them all, I think. 

"He’s never worried about showcasing his skills – he’s nowhere near as restless as all those metal players like Yngwie. Instead, his phrasing is very strong. He’s got a big jazz influence but can play great blues guitar as well. His solos are the kind that you can sing along to…

“We’ve emailed a couple of times. And even before then, I even wrote him a few letters… he actually replied! He said, ‘Thank you very much for your kind words and good luck with your band, then in brackets, Opeth.’ I always have to mention him as one of my biggest influences. He’s very underrated, most people don’t even know who the fuck he is.”